Supporting our GLOBE athletes!

The GLOBE Academy Athletic Club has one goal - to enhance the experience of our student athletes.

All funds received will directly boost our athletic department budget, allowing us to provide supplemental equipment, coaching, and programs to improve the athletics experience for all our students.

Funds will be obtained through GLOBE Athletic Club membership, restricted athletics donations, car washes, athletic apparel sales, and concession sales.

There are five membership levels. The image above details the options and benefits of each level.

The GLOBE Academy Athletic Club recognizes that participation in school athletics benefits everyone. In addition to financial support, The GLOBE Academy Athletic Club promotes opportunities to build and strengthen relationships among all constituencies through enthusiastic participation of volunteers, students, coaches, parents, school faculty and staff, sponsors, community members, alumni and grandparents.

Money raised by The GLOBE Academy Athletic Club helps to:

1. Paint the gym
2. Refinish gym floors
3. Purchase uniforms
4. Purchase bleachers
5. Purchase a trophy case
6. Purchase banners for the gym
7. Cover registration fees for student athletes as necessary
8. Cover the cost of renting facilities for practice and games

Anticipation is building for a great season of athletics and we look forward to building a history of champions, on and off the field!

Best regards,

Athletic Advisory Board

The GLOBE Academy Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
(Tax ID: 27-1366277)
All donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.
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